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જ્યારે આપણી આસપાસનું તાપમાન નિયંત્રિત કરવા માટે ખૂબ ગરમ હોય છે, ત્યારે આપણામાંના મોટાભાગના લોકો બોલે છે, “મને આશ્ચર્ય થાય છે કે આજે તાપમાન શું છે.” – હું શરત લગાવું છું કે આપણે બધાએ આ સાંભળ્યું છે, અને કદાચ આપણે પણ ક્યારેક તે કહેવાવાળા પણ હોઈએ છીએ. Smartphone Measure Temperature

વધુ તાજેતરના સ્માર્ટફોનમાં બિલ્ટ-ઇન તાપમાન સેન્સર છે જે જીવનના આ મહત્વપૂર્ણ પ્રશ્નનો જવાબ આપી શકે છે; પરંતુ… જો તમારી પાસે હાલમાં હવાનું તાપમાન વાંચી શકે તેવો સ્માર્ટફોન નથી; તમે હજુ પણ આ 5 અદ્ભુત એન્ડ્રોઇડ એપ વડે તાપમાન માપવામાં સમર્થ હશો.

Download Thermometer App for Measure Temperature

  1. ઇલેક્ટ્રોનિક થર્મોમીટર HD

સેલ્સિયસ અને ફેરનહીટ બંનેમાં ઉપલબ્ધ, ઇલેક્ટ્રોનિક થર્મોમીટર HD એ તાપમાન માપવા માટેની એપ્લિકેશન છે જેનો ઉપયોગ સતત ઍક્સેસ અને અપડેટ્સ માટે તમારી હોમ સ્ક્રીન પર વિજેટ તરીકે કરી શકાય છે. અને તે સેટ કરવું ખરેખર સરળ છે.

તમારે જે પ્રથમ વસ્તુ કરવાની જરૂર છે તે એપને બહારના તાપમાન સાથે માપાંકિત કરવાની છે – તમે આને સ્થાનિક હવામાનની આગાહીમાંથી સીધા જ મેળવી શકો છો કારણ કે આ બહારના તાપમાનને માપે છે.

And if you don’t have a temperature sensor on your smartphone; fear not, the app will use its in-built technology to do this instead! Follow the instructions and get your temperature measurements in.

2. Borce Trajkovski Thermometer

Software developer Borce Trajkovski has set about with another show stopping app that can help us measure temperature with our smartphones.

The retro design gives it a whole new user experience and it’s just as good as the Electronic Thermometer HD.

Calibrate by following the instructions on the app. It’s super simple and super accurate.

3. Heaveen Thermometer

Heaveen Thermometer is a great app to install on your Android devices, it’s free to use and super easy to install and set up. All you’ll need to do is calibrate the sensor to the outside air temperature and you’re good to go.

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Be sure to follow the instructions for accurate readings. It is recommended that you do not touch or handle your smartphone when calibrating – this will alter temperature readings.

Smartphone Measure Temperature

4. Thermometer Plus

Probably the most stunning of designs in the lot here; Thermometer Plus is an app that measures your temperature in style; so if you’re all about the look then this app is probably the one for you

Its in-app features include air temperature measure, altitude scaling, an atmospheric pressure gauge and a humidity sensor. Make sure to keep your smartphone away from heat sources, mangents or wiring during calibration.

5. Smart Thermometer

This Smart Thermometre delivers its namesake pretty well, it’s a smart app that can perform a bundle of temperature measuring features such as ambient temperature, atmospheric pressure and even relative humidity.

The vibrant colour scheme and user-friendly design will make you want to use it more and more! The only catch here is your phone needs a temperature sensor in-built into its body; otherwise the app can only be used as a weather forecast predictor.

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With these 5 free Android apps, you’ll never have to wonder how hot your car gets after a day at work, or think about the temperature while you’re on a boat trip this Summer. Use your smartphone to measure temperature like a pro!


Download Thermometer Appclick here


Download Thermometer App from here

Click here for download app

Thermometer – Hygrometer , Measure Temperature 

is the application of thermometer, humidity free design very well help you keep track of the weather so that you have a good preparation for when out of the house! You can measure temperature and measure humidity wherever you need is the internet. In addition it may help you to measure temperature of your equipment.. It works as a temperature meter.

Key Features:

Thermometer – Hygrometer of free to monitor weather wherever you are
-You can monitor outdoor temperature, humidity, wind power.

-It is very simple but very effective! You just need to open the app, turn on the internet, and the navigation device will return you the weather where you live. 

– You can measure temperature, measure humidity, measure wind speed immediately when pressing reset button. 

Customize screen brightness-You can customize the brightness of the screen so that it is best for the eyes


◉ You need to turn on the internet so that the application can monitor weather current..
◉ Because Thermometer – Hygrometer , Weather Now measure temperature and humidity according to location, please allow the turned position..

We are looking forward to receiving comments and your reviews. 

If you like this app then please give us a 5 star rating.


Your assessments and suggestions are a great motivation for us to continue to improve our products.

 Google Play Download Thermometer

You can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit easily. 

Thermometer – Hygrometer , Measure ●Temperature help you measure ●temperature CPU and measure ●temperature battery
Many themes for you to choose from.-There are so many topics to choose your favorite background color. 

Very easy to use– The simple interface makes it easy to manipulate the application.

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