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હિંદુ ચંદ્ર-સૌર કેલેન્ડરના આધારે મહા શિવરાત્રી ત્રણ કે દસ દિવસ સુધી ઉજવવામાં આવે છે. દર ચંદ્ર મહિનામાં, શિવરાત્રી (દર વર્ષે 12) આવે છે. મુખ્ય તહેવારને મહા શિવરાત્રી અથવા મહાન શિવરાત્રી કહેવામાં આવે છે, જે 13મી રાત્રે (અસ્ત થતા ચંદ્ર) અને ફાલ્ગુન મહિનાના 14મા દિવસે યોજાય છે. Mahadev

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Celebrate MahaShivaratri and શ્રાવણ month With Mahadev DP Maker App.


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Mahakal Photo Editor has the best collection of backgrounds, wallpapers, stickers, effects, and many more. You can set your image using cut-paste and erasing unwanted backgrounds. Remove unwanted background from your image using a background eraser and background changer.A

Mahakal Photo Editor – Mahadev Shiva Photo Frames is a powerful editor with many wonderful effects and others. The best photo studio to make all your pictures even better! Edit photos with mosaic to pixelate photo backgrounds, vignettes, overlays, HDR, and more.

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Make your photo more stylish with this powerful photo editor, that provides amazing photo effect and Backgrounds.

The photo editor has an effective Photo Art Editor with some stunning photo effects and various photo editing options.

Mahadev Photo Editor is a nice app. Just paste your photo in HD our photo frames and set the photo

According to legend, Maha Shivaratri marks the occasion when Shiva first performed the Tandava Nritya – also known as the dance of primordial creation, preservation, and destruction. It was through this dance of devotion that Lord Shiva saved the world from destruction.

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What are the rituals for Shivratri?

On Shivaratri, worship of Lord Shiva continues all through the day and night. Every three hours priests perform ritual pooja of Shivalingam by bathing it with milk, yogurt, honey, ghee, sugar, and water amidst the chanting of ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ and ringing of temple bells.

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What should girls do on Shivratri?

On this day devotees worship Lord Shiva by offering Arakha crown flowers, water, milk and bhaang. Lord Shiva is considered as an ideal husband and to get a husband like him, unmarried girls and women worship him on this auspicious day by observing fast.

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