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Tropical cyclone

The National Weather Service issued a tropical storm warning for the Santa Clarita Valley on Friday. Affected areas include Lake Castaic, Castaic, Newhall and Valencia. Tropical cyclone

Meteorologists at NWS Observatory Oxnard, which forecasts and monitors the SCV, said they had increased confidence that tropical cyclone-level winds and rain would hit the region Thursday through Friday night. .

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“Be prepared for the possibility of landslides, landslides and debris flows, especially tall objects such as trees, which can also topple,” said Ariel Cohen, chief meteorologist at the NWS Oxnard Observatory. Ta. “Do whatever it takes to be prepared for these situations.” It added that it could reach and continue until Tuesday.

Winds are expected to produce gusts of up to 45 mph and rain is expected to fall 0.5 to 1 inch per hour for a “extended period.” Thunderstorms and lightning strikes are also expected.

NWS: Tropical storm watch issued for SCV 

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“The city of Los Angeles isn’t in focus right now, but over the mountains, over the ocean, and Catalina Island will be the focus for critical weather conditions in the future,” Cohen said.

A tropical storm warning was issued Friday morning with no clear end in sight. A flood warning was issued Sunday afternoon and will continue until Monday evening.

SCVs are particularly vulnerable to flash floods. Locals, especially those living in hills and mountains, are urged to be aware of local conditions during storms and prepare for impending flooding. Evacuation may be required in some areas.


Small streams, creeks, canals, arroyos and ditches can be dangerous rivers. While devastating runoff rages down mountain valleys, it can increase vulnerability to rock falls, landslides and debris flows.

Flood protection systems and seawalls can be overloaded. Roads and parking lots can flow like rivers, flooding underpasses. Driving conditions can become dangerous. Numerous roads and bridges will be closed and some may be weakened or submerged.

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Hillary became a Category 4 hurricane (originally a tropical storm) in just 24 hours. The hurricane is expected to strike Saturday with gusts of 145 mph as it approaches Baja California.

The hurricane is expected to return to tropical cyclone conditions as it approaches California. But meteorologists say this won’t allay his concerns for residents of the Santa Clarita Valley.

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